What is Post Acute Care?

The ADC Post Acute Care department is designed to help patients with complex medical problems on an outpatient basis.  

After being hospitalized, many patients with complex conditions, find themselves re-admitted to the hospital because they were unsure of what medications to take or the discharge instructions were not made clear.  

And even though it is recommended that you follow-up with your doctor within 72 hours of your hospital discharge, often it may be difficult to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.

Why is it important to make and keep your Post Acute care appointment?

Your Post Acute Care doctor or provider serves as a liaison between you and your primary care doctor. As such, their role in your recovery is to:

  1. Offset readmission to the hospital;
  2. Review discharge instructions including medication updates;
  3. Coordinate additional services such as physical therapy.

How does the Post Acute Care program work?

At ADC we want to make sure you do have the follow-up care you need within 3 days of your discharge.    

Since all ADC doctors share the same electronic medical record, you can be sure that your primary care doctor will know the status of your health condition immediately following your visit.

Your ADC hospitalist (the doctor who oversees your care while you are in the hospital) will make a tentative appointment for you to be seen in the ADC Post Acute Care department within 72 hours of your discharge.  

They will notify your primary care physician (PCP) of your discharge as well and work to get you in to see your PCP first.

If your PCP does not have an appointment available within those 72 hours, Post Acute Care will confirm your appointment and send you a reminder.  

The Post Acute Care Department is comprised of ADC Hospitalists, Internal Medicine and Advanced Practitioners who work with your PCP to keep you on the road to recovery.

Why do I need a Post Acute Care appointment?

Your Post Acute care provider can help you with the following:

  • Reconcile your medication list – what do you need to take and how often.
  • Assess and help process your home health care needs
  • Help you to identify and overcome any barriers that may potentially put you back into the hospital

What do I do after my appointment?

After your visit, your Post Acute care provider will document your visit in your patient record and share the information with your primary care doctor.  You will resume your care with your PCP and see them as needed.

Additional services available in Post Acute Care

  • Pre-operative history and physical intakes
  • See discharged ER patients within 24 hours, if they cannot be seen by their PCP or specialist
  • See patients who have recently been discharged from Skilled Nursing Units, Rehabilitation and Long-term Inpatient Stays