Austin Diagnostic Clinic celebrates 70 years of caring for the community

It all started when Dr. Henry Renfert had a vision for a “junior-sized Mayo Clinic of the South.” At the time, the Mayo Clinic was one of the first organizations that promoted the concept of a multispecialty group caring for a patients and families. In 1952, he opened a solo internal medicine practice in Austin at the Norwood Tower on 114 W. Seventh St.

Over time, Dr. Renfert added partners to his practice. On December 11, 1969, Dr. Renfert and 12 doctors joined into a professional association under the name Renfert, Lawlis, Sayers, Goehrs, Vineyard, Tyler, Roberts, Collier, Anderson, Hudson, Brindley, Lawson and Associates. A few years later, on February 25, 1972, the group executed an Amendment to their Articles of Association to officially change their name to The Austin Diagnostic Clinic Association.

In 1995, the Austin Diagnostic Clinic had grown to 125 physicians encompassing primary care and medical subspecialties and moved to North Austin Medical Center.

From humble beginnings in 1952 as a solo practice, to what is now the Austin Diagnostic Clinic, much has changed. The community has grown exponentially, and ADC now has 20 locations providing primary and specialty care throughout Central Texas.

What hasn’t changed is ADC’s commitment to caring for the community. ADC physicians and employees are proud to continue to grow and serve Central Texans for many years to come. In fact, our Pflugerville location is slated to open in Fall of 2023 bringing an array of specialties to the Pflugerville community.